Scoring System

Our Final Tournaments occur every 4 months and are where the bulk of our prizes are given away so you wont want to miss it!

Currently, all it takes to qualify to play in our Final is just 3 scores on our scoreboard from at least two different events. It’s just that easy! Every Main Tournament pays the top ten places meaning that at our events generally %25 to %50 of the players get points, and that isn’t including the other games held throughout the night.

How it works:

Every game you play awards points to the winners. Those points can be tracked on our leaderboard at, also available through the “Leaderboard” link at the top of the page. Those points are redeemable at the Series Final at the rate of 400 in chips for every 20 points you earn. This means you can show up twice, score 3 times (easy) and you are qualified to play in our Final.

Of course, if you only have 100 points that is only going to give you 2000 in chips going into the Final. Compare that to the chip leaders who will be starting with more than 60,000 in some cases! But it’s poker, and that means that if you got a chip, you’ve got a chance!

Scoring System

When you show up to a Stumptown Poker event you show up to an action packed poker event with 3 different ways to earn points in a night. All games are scored according to the number of players who have entered, and have different “pay-out” structures.

Main Tournaments:

Our first and biggest game of the night. Each player who enters adds 40 points to the prize pool, and points are awarded as follows:

1. %29

2. %18.5

3. %12

4. %10

5. %8

6. %6.5

7. %5.5

8. %4.5

9. %3.5

10. %2.5

All Main Tournaments award Top 10 finishes with points! You can always check your scores at Tournaments with fewer than 13 players will be treated as double point sit and go’s.

Sit and Go’s:

These are single table tournaments which begin as soon as players and equipment are available. We generally have between 1 and 3 of these a night. Each player who enters adds 20 points to the prize pool.

1. %50
2. %30
3. %20

Heads Up Matches:
Any two players who have busted out of a tournament and find themselves waiting for a game may play a Heads Up Match. If you find yourself in this position don’t be shy– ask for chips and cards and find a player to play against. Our players love to play poker and Heads Up No Limit Hold ‘Em is one of the most fun and fiercely competitive games around!

1. %100 (10 points)

Bounties change month to month these are determined by the monthly point leaders at each Venue, Dealers and even the Owner when in effect knocking a player out with a bounty on their head earns an instant 50 points!


K.O. tournaments put a 25 point bounty on every players head in addition to the regular scoring. Knocking out players =more points!