ABC’s of Stumptown Poker

Stumptown Poker was developed for poker players of all skill levels to have an avenue to get out of the house play some poker in a fun, free environment, having a chance to earn a seat in one of our Main Event tournaments which happen every 4 months and win a trip to Vegas! It also allows players and would be players to gain experience sitting at a poker table and learning the nuances of poker. i.e. etiquette, rules, and the basics ins and outs of Texas Hold’em!

There are some ways players can earn extra play chips nightly! Here they are.

– Get to any venue we play at before 6:30 and sign up to play for an extra 1000 in play chips.

– Wear any piece of Stumptown Poker gear to the venue and earn an extra 1000 in play chips.

– Sign in on Facebook and like us and let us know if you are going to be there and earn an extra 1000 in play chips.

These are called “The big three”, let your dealer know when you sit down to play and get these extra bonuses

There are also some special food and drink specials geared towards the players at each venue so ask your dealers and servers about these also.

If you are interested in bringing your friends with you to play this is another way to earn some extra play chips for the night.

– New first time players earn an extra 2000 play chips to sit and play, and you, the person who brought them earns an extra 1000 play chips.

Stumptown Poker prides ourselves on having real, professional dealers at the tables and adherence to the tournament rules developed by the Tournament Directors Association which is used by the World Series of Poker.

However, our events are always social occasions, a chance to have dinner and drinks while playing cards and meeting people. Our events are certainly never dull, and players of all skill levels are welcome!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at Hope to see you on the felt soon!