Thank You All!!!

Afternoon Poker Player,

I wanted to take a minute or two and thank all the people I have met over the past 7 years running Stumptown Poker! It is today that I am writing to let everyone know I am stepping down as owner of Stumptown Poker and passing the torch onto David and Marianne Foster who own and operate Mad Poker…both of them have an absolute awesome passion for poker and will continue the league on by merging Stumptown Poker with Mad Poker creating Portland’s largest poker league! This week will be my (Travis’) last week dealing poker and running the day to day operations. I want to cover a couple of question some of you may have….

1) All Stumptown Poker Venues will be staying the SAME and the schedule is NOT changing…also the dealers will be staying on to continue working. Cj, Scott and Matt will be in the box dealing cards.

2) All the Points earned so far in Series 31 will transfer over to Mad Poker, so fear not poker players all your work will not be lost

3) David and Marianne are amazing folks and are very excited to take over the poker league and I am excited for them! I think these two will be awesome for the Poker league!

4) To learn all the ins and outs of Mad Poker head over there website

Since this is my last week I hope to see as many poker playing guys and gals as possible!! I want to thank each and every one of you for the fun memories!

Travis Herron

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